20-lb. x 2 capacity
8.4 cu. ft. per pocket
60,000 Btu/hr heat input
400 cfm per pocket
100% Axial airflow
Gasketless glass steel door
16” Diameter vent per pocket
1/2” gas connection per pocket
Independent electric/tumbler
38-7/8” deep (gas and electric)
Single coin drop
Front serviceable
Fits through 36” door
Gas, steam or electric heat

AD-320 Documents

Full Spec Sheet

SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change)
Tumbler Capacity (dry) 20lbs. (9.07kg) x2
Tumbler Diameter 27-1/4” (69.2cm)
Tumbler Depth 25” (63.5cm)
Tumbler Volume 8.4cuft (237.9L)
Tumbler/Drive Motor
1/3hp (.25kW)
Blower/Fan Motor
Door Opening Dia 21-1/2” (54.6cm)
Door Sill Height 50-15/16” (129.4cm)
12-3/16″ (31cm)
S.A.F.E. Water Connection 3/4” FNPT
Dryers per 20’/40’ Truck 14/28
Dryers per 48’/53’ Truck 34/36
Width 29-3/4” (75.6cm)
Depth – Gas 38-7/8″ (98.7cm)
Depth – E&Steam 43-15/16″ (111.6cm)
Height 78-1/4″ (198.8cm)
Airflow @ 60Hz 400cfm (11.33cmm)
Airflow @ 50Hz 333cfm (9.44cmm)
Exhaust 6″ (15.2cm)

Voltage Available 100-240v, 50/60, 1ph
Approx. Net Wt 760lbs (344.7kg)
Approx. Ship Wt 795lbs (360.6kg)
Heat Input per pkt 60,000 btu/hr
Inlet Pipe 1/2″ FNPT

Voltage Available 208-416v, 50/60, 1&3ph
Approx. Net Wt 760lbs (344.7kg)
Approx. Ship Wt 795lbs (360.6kg)
Oven Size 15kW 51,288btu/hr (12,910kcal/hr)

Voltage Available 100-240v, 50/60, 1&3ph
Approx. Net Wt 873lbs (396kg)
Approx. Ship Wt 949lbs (430.5kg)
Steam Cons per pkt 101lb/hr (45.8kg/hr)
Operating Steam 125psi Max (8.6bar)
Compressed Air 1/8″ FNPT
Compressed Air .5cfh (0.014cmh)
Boiler 2.9Bhp
Supply Connection 1″FNPT
Return Connection 3/4″FNPT


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