Pre-Owned Washers

Continental 30lb Coin Washers (3) #598BDE

#598BDE     Continental Coin Washers     2004     RECONDITIONED     208/60/3

Milnor COIN Washer 20lb MCR09E5 2006 #756

#756     Milnor 20lb COIN Washer     MCR09E5     2006

Milnor Gear Guardian Washer 35lb 30015M4J 1998 #874

#874     Milnor      Gear Guardian Washer      35lb        30015M4J      1998

Milnor Washer 45lb MWR18X4 2008 #780

#780     Milnor 45lb Washer     MWR18X4     2008

Milnor Washer 60lb 30022V6J 2009 #867

#867     Milnor Washer      60lb      30022V6J      2009

Milnor Washer 60lb 30022X8J 2004 #858

#858    Milnor Washer 60lb      30022X8J      2004      #858

Milnor Washer 100lb 36026V5J 2003 #865

#865     Milnor Washer      100lb      36026V5J      2003

Milnor Washer 100lb 36026V5J 2009 #866

#866     Milnor Washer      100lb      36026V5J      2009

Unimac 35lb Washer UW35PVQU20001 1995 #823

#823     Unimac 35lb Washer      UW35PVQU20001      1995

Unimac 100lb “Mystery” Washer UW100PVQ #863

#863     Unimac 100lb “Mystery” Washer     UW100PVQ      #863

It’s a mystery because the name plate is worn clean and we don’t have a year or serial number!

Wascomat Washers W620 W640 W655 2007 COIN #826a-e Many Available!

#826a-e     Wascomat Washers     W620, W640, W655     2007     COIN     Many Available!

Washex 135lb Washer FLS600 1998 #862

#862     Washex 135lb Washer      FLS600      1998      #862


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Hotel/Motel Laundry Planning File

You need an on-premises laundry system.  Read our planning file to see why!

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