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Coin-Operated Machinery

IPSO Coin Stack Tumble Dryer

IPSO stack tumble dryers are specifically designed for high performance in coin operated laundry applications. A state-of-the-art axial airflow drying […]

IPSO Coin Tumble Dryer

IPSO’s commercial tumble dryers are specifically designed as high performance vended laundry equipment. A state-of-the-art axial airflow drying technology ensures […]

IPSO Coin Front Load Washer

IPSO’s commercial coin-operated front load washers within the BFN-Series reduce both hot water usage and total water consumption for laundry […]

IPSO Coin Washer – Top Load

IPSO’s commercial top load washers are highly efficient, reducing both hot water usage and total water consumption. The BTW-Series coin operated […]

Ipso Coin Washers – Hardmount

Hardmount washer-extractors are secured to the concrete floor, cost significantly less than their soft mount counterparts and have a proven […]

ADC Propane Stack Coin Dryers ADG 236D 2x30lbs (9 Available!) #712A-I

#712A-I     ADC     Stack COIN Dryers 2x30lbs     Propane     Good Condition!

IPSO COIN Commercial Dryer 18lb #667 UNUSED–LIKE NEW

#667     IPSO Coin Commercial Dryer      18lb     UNUSED — LIKE NEW

Maytag COIN Gas Dryers (2 available) 18lb #670 #671 UNUSED

#670 #671     Maytag COIN Gas Dryers (2 available)     18#     UNUSED

ADC Dryers (5) Coin Stack 2012

SpeedQueen Gas COIN Dryer 18lb #668A

#668A-B     SpeedQueen Gas COIN Dryer      #18lb     LIKE NEW

Maytag Coin-Operated Washer-Extractor

Maytag’s Coin Operated Rigid-Mount Washer-Extractor MFR25PDCWS Features: • Maytag Turbowash™ System • Large 25lb. Capacity and Oversized Door Opening • Energy Star Compliant – […]

Milnor 40lb. Coin-Op Washer-Extractor

This is a true Milnor heavy-duty, triple-load commercial machine — made specifically for the coin laundry business. FEATURES: Low Water […]

ADC EcoDry Dryer

The EcoDry ES-20 is ADC’s most energy efficient 20-lb dryer. The unique design features 100% axial airflow, dual-paned door glass […]

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