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Ron and Frank ArrowRely on Direct Machinery to design and build your next industrial laundry facility, including:
 Production Goals and ROI
 Site Selection
 Facility Layout
Machinery Selection
Installation and Start-up
Preventative Maintenance
Repair Service

Direct Machinery has designed, installed and serviced more industrial laundry facilities in the New York Metropolitan area than any other dealer. So whether you are replacing just one large-capacity washer/extractor, or are looking to install an entire tunnel system, turn to the laundry professionals at Direct Machinery for the best in selection and service!

Steam Boilers

Founded in 1949, Fulton is one of the leading steam boiler manufacturers today. With minimal footprints and flexible configurations, their range of vertical and horizontal steam boilers offer the most complete solutions for virtually every type of application–from 4hp up to 800! (Fulton website)

High Capacity Suspended and Divided Cylinder Washers

With capacities up to 725 pounds, Milnor’s suspended and divided-cylinder washer/extractors are designed to last. With RinSave® water saver technology and the intuitive MilTouch-EX™ control, Milnor delivers a superior wash quality with utility savings and programming flexibility.

Laundry Rail Systems

E-Tech packs more than forty years of experience into their laundry rail system solutions. They have thought of everything from the optimal footing for your workers to the easiest user experience for your software. The result is an innovative, seamless, optimized, integrated, end-to-end rail system built around your workflow. (E-Tech website)

Continuous Batch Washers / Tunnel Systems (Click here)

In 1979, Milnor introduced its True Top Transfer CBW batch washer and has been a worldwide leader in tunnel washing since. With innovations such as Solid Welded Partitions, Double Drum Construction, High Mechanical Action and Pulse Flow, their productive and efficient equipment is unrivaled.

Heat Recovery Systems

Thermal Engineering of Arizona has designed and installed Wastewater Heat Recovery, Fresh Water Heating and Storage, and Wastewater Cleanup systems for industrial laundries around the world. TEA employs fabrication, welding, forming and spinning techniques to produce quality-assured products that result in complete customer satisfaction. (TEA website)


The two most important features in batch washer extraction are speed (to avoid delaying the washer) and effective moisture removal (to save time and fuel in the next finishing step). Whether you need a single-stage press, two-stage press, or centrifugal extractor, Milnor manufacturers the right solution for your laundry. (Milnor website)

High Capacity Industrial and Pass-Through Dryers

Milnor offers industrial dryers from 200 to 460lbs, as well as pass-through dryers that load at one end and discharge at the other. Pass-through dryers form an integral part of an automated laundry system, along with a tunnel or CBW, an extraction system, and transport conveyors.

Flatwork Ironers (Click here) 

Chicago Dryer Company offers the world’s widest range of gas, thermal fluid, steam, and electrically heated ironers in many different roll diameters and lengths to handle any production requirement.

Flatwork Folders (Click here)

Chicago Dryer Company’s folding line includes a large selection of folding and stacking equipment to meet the unique needs of any commercial or industrial laundry regardless of floor space, laundry volume or linen type.

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