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Direct Machinery is the New York metropolitan area’s largest and most dependable Milnor dealer and specializes in Continuous Batch Washer (tunnel) systems. Tunnel systems were introduced in the 1960’s, but Milnor has perfected the design using True Top Transfer of goods for a more effective wash, and PulseFlow Technology to maximize efficiency.

Why consider a Milnor Tunnel System from Direct Machinery?
        • Available in mods of either 110, 150 or 250 pounds
        • Shorten wash time and increase linen life
        • Reduce water consumption (to as little as 0.3 gallons per pound!)
        • Reduce energy cost to heat water
        • Reduce sewage costs
        • Enhance chemical performance with a better wash cycle

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Milnor’s Mentor Controller displays key information for each batch in the loading system, tunnel and dryers. The image above shows the tunnel washing each 110 pound batch in 3 minutes using just 0.34 gallons of water per pound!

Click to see a great video on Tunnel Systems:

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Click to see the latest brochure from Milnor:
Pulseflow brochure cover

Read about Direct Machinery’s installation for Arrow Linen:
Arrow Linen_ALN          Arrow Cover Story cover image

Read about some other Milnor tunnel installations:
ImageFIRST_Clearwater_LCNi_September_2013_Page_1-212x300    LCNi-March-2015_AlRahden-Zamzam_Page_1_15094-212x300    Crown-Columbia_LCNi-Sep-2014_cover-story_high-res_Page_1-213x300    LCNi-April-2015_LA-Commercial_Page_1-212x300

Interested in learning if a tunnel washer makes sense for your laundry? Just give us a call at 1-800-572-5573. We’re happy to discuss your options and to show you how quickly investing in a new tunnel will pay itself off in saved utility costs, saved labor costs, and increased production!

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