Free Seminar: “Get The Most Out Of Your On Premise Laundry”
Direct Machinery will hold a FREE seminar in Queens on December 11, 2014. Learn from industry experts the top 100 things you can do to optimize your OPL while reducing downtime, labor and operating costs. Representatives from Milnor, ADC and Chicago Dryer will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Here’s just a sample of the topis we’ll cover:

#12  How to load and unload washers to get 10 loads per day
#25  Why keep track of load size, item and number of loads per day
#36  How minor house cleaning can save major bucks
#48  Why G-Forces make a big difference in dry times and energy savings
#59  Dryer innovations including Reversing, Roller Drive, Sensors
#61  Spare parts slash downtime, mechanic time, and cost
#74  How a new machine will pay for itself

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